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AlloMap Testing Process

The AlloMap® test starts with a simple blood draw. Your transplant care team and CareDx® can provide information on the test site that is closest to you. Once the blood sample is collected, it is sent to the CareDx clinical laboratory for testing. AlloMap results are available within 1-2 days after the sample arrives at CareDx and results are sent directly to your doctor and transplant center. Your doctor will follow up with you to discuss your results.

Works1_icon Step 1.
Your blood sample is drawn at a local lab. Click here to find your closest test site.
Works2_icon Step 2.
The blood sample is prepared and sent via overnight courier to the clinical laboratory at CareDx in Brisbane, California.
Works3_icon Step 3.
In most cases, your blood sample is shipped to CareDx on the same day as your visit and the sample arrives at the clinical laboratory at CareDx the next morning.
Works4_icon Step 4.
When your blood sample arrives, the laboratory performs all testing necessary to generate an AlloMap test result — a process that typically takes one full day.
Works5_icon Step 5.
Once the AlloMap test result is generated and verified, it is sent to your doctor. Results are usually available to your doctor in 1 to 2 days from the time your blood sample arrives at the clinical laboratory at CareDx.
Works6_icon Step 6.
Your doctor interprets the AlloMap test result in conjunction with other clinical assessments.
Works7_icon Step 7.
Your doctor notifies you with the results and planned course of action.

Talk to your doctor about making AlloMap testing part of your transplant care. If AlloMap is right for you, your doctor will:

  • Order an AlloMap test.
  • Direct you to a draw site nearby to have your blood drawn. This may be the same lab that you go to for other blood draws or a different facility.
  • Have the draw site collect, process, and send your blood sample to CareDx.
  • Receive your AlloMap test results, usually within 2 days after processing by CareDx.